In Avengers Age of ULTRON Thor lets everyone on the team try to pick up Mjolnir. I know you might be thinking so what does this have to do with anything. During the 80’s in thor issue# 390 The Captain as he was known at the time held Mjolnir effortlessly while fighting hydra goons. In the movie Age of ULTRON Captain America slightly lifts Mjolnir up , but doesn’t fully pick it up.  


Even as far as I know I am legend isn’t a comic movie but if you pay close attention  ,but if you pay close attention their is a funny little Easter egg. In I am legend their is a movie board showing the batman vs superman movie poster. It has a striking resemblance to the official logo for the movie making me wonder how long Warner bros have been planning this movie.  


 #3 GREEN LANTERN IN Arkham Origins and Arrow

In the video game by Warner brothers studios batman Arkham Origins there is a billboard that says Ferris air. Ferris air is the fictional plane testing site run by Carrel Ferris and her father. Carol ferris is the ex girlfriend of Hal Jordan and star sapphire. This was a nudge at a shared universe and green lantern the same Easter egg is Also in Arrow. 



In one the more well known marvel movies Captain America’s shield is in tony Starks lab while he is putting on his suit. One the smaller less likely to noticed Easter eggs. Marvel sneaky brilliant bastards well played.  


# 1 Wanye Tech Satelite In Man of Steel 

This one is the top on my list because it’s one the hardest to notice and show the connection of other heroes in the Dc universe once again. Although it’s becoming a cliche in superhero movies it’s still very fun to try and discover.That wraps up my list of my favorite comic Easter eggs in superhero movies. I post every Monday and Thursday so please show some love I’m always open to criticism and commentary.