Before I go on rambling about whether or not Frank Miller is the best alien Batman writer. I wanna give a very brief summary of The dark night returns by Frank Miller. Billionaire Bruce Wayne is in his mid 50’s and crime is ramping up due to a street gang called the mutants. The mutants are ran by the fierce Beast a hulking well beast cruel and hungry for chaos. Batman having been retired decides Gotham needs him and returns to fighting crime. He fights the beast after getting a new robin Cary Kelly the first fight he loses after going full assault mode and attacking the beast then fights him a second time. He wins this time using his brain instead of brawn then the Joker decides to do some killing attacks a fair and Batman kills the Joker after a intense fight.  


In my opinion Frank Miller is the greatest Batman writer of all time and here is why. Frank uses such a heavy amount of details and writes with an edge. His version of Batman is older more brutal and helps move a darker story along. Their is something about a dark story line that just creates a better atmosphere for me. He writes in a way that truly showed Batman’s age and personality. The fact Batman learns from his mistakes and evolves remembering how he was before. The story arch fits so perfectly into the prime Batman world that it could be part of the main timeline. Now I bet your thinking what about the Killing Joke and Death Inside The Family. I’m sorry but nothing beats this Batman story line. – Comic