Marvel’s Civil War was a long story arch in which the government passed a law requiring all superheroes to reveal their secret identity. They would work for shield be paid and receive basic government benefits. Captain America refused to go along with this and teamed up with other superheroes with the same belief. While Iron man was all for this and teamed up with several other heroes to take these heroes into custody. The two sides battle it out until during a fight in New York The Captain realizes all the destruction they’re causing and stops the war. It’s just over but my question is the story really revolving around Cap and Iron man? The reason I ask this question is throughout the story Spider-Man is forced to decide which side belong to. Spider-Man is at first with Iron man fighting for him. Peter even goes far enough to reveal himself to the world on live television being the first after the act passed. Peter throughout starts to realize Tony is taking things too far and they brawl in the streets. You see Tony had given Peter new suit during a previous event the iron spider suit. Tony has placed trackers and had installed a shutdown switch. Peter decides to join The Captain’s side Peter being yanked by both sides is mentally breaking down. This story focuses on Peter almost more then Steve or Tony  Spider-Man  has a lot character development. My final conclusion is Captain America is the good guy , Iron man isn the villain ,and Spider-Man he is The middle the main this story revolves around Peter , Tony , and Steve not just Tony or Steve.  -Comic