hey guys. its LJ here again. Why does JJJ , the editor of the daylee bugul, hate peter parker! You all know that PP is spiderman and if you dont get out of ur moms basement and buy a spiderman comic ( please buy 2, keep one and send one to me, * note make sure its amazing fantasy 15 6.0+ cgc thanks*) so JJJ is this grumpy man. okay we all know that. he also had bad style. we all know that. but Peter Parker this geeky high school student applies for a photography job and the first thing peter parker probably sees is him yelling at a client. there is no proven thing that pp ever yelled at jjj early in the silvage to always make him grumpy at him. But my guess is that peter burned him with a comeback helping a girl but JJJ kept PP bc he got pics of the “vigalante” Spider-bruh. Idk tell me what you think. DM me @sarasotacomics or @comicinclined