-The Bad- Just to start I’m gonna tell you the problems of this movie and it’s advertisements. I personally felt that this movie was trying to be a horror movie. The funny thing is it isn’t at all which is good, but bad due to the negative effects (they sucked) of the advertisements on me. Next the beginning of the movie is so slow paced and the CGI is just so awful. It made me want kick Steven Spielberg in his face. Then throughout that mess we got all the clichés we could want. The awkward dickhead teen (Zach), the intelligent helpless little brother (Gray), and the business women (Claire) who won’t spend with her family and that doesn’t even scratch the surface. I also just have to mention something the dinosaur created in the lab for Jurassic World looks just like the T-Rex from the first movie painted white.       

– The Good-

Now for the good this movie once it gets past that bad place it was in at the beginning. This movie gets turned into a masterpiece. The CGI on the dinosaurs are beautiful and it gets an action monster movie remake. This movie try’s to stay far away from Jurassic park which I love. Even though the dinosaur has that one issue its still sneaky, smart ,and an all out beast.  

The story is good with minor flaws and Chris Pratt was a picked perfectly for his role. This movies had a period of time were things got real. It was goretacular way of showing this movie wasn’t a kiddie flick. It separates itself from other monster movies by not letting every civilian live. It went the realistic route and kill innocent civilians and I loved it. With that my rating for this movie : 8.75/10 ( just make it through the beginning )