Alan Scott is the original bearer of the name green lantern created by Martin Nodell in 1940. His first appearance being in All-American Comics # 16. Alan possess a magical ring that uses the energy of plant life and the spirit of the world. He is able to build solid energy constructs , melt ,and shrink objects at will yet prefers not to use it as a weapon and use his fist. Alan can charge his ring by taking the green energy from Hal Jordan and it would recharge his ring for 24 hours no matter how much he would use it. Alan’s ring makes him invulnerable to anything , but hilariously wood. That’s right Alan’s weakness is wood and plant life that is why he is extremely vulnerable to Solomon Grundy a zombie who is 65% plant matter. He is not in anyway connected to the green lantern core though as many think or is he read to find out.


A tragic incident occurs where a train is derailed and crashes luckily Alan Scott emerges from the wrekage alive and only bruised. In his hands is a mysterious glowing green lantern that starts to speak and Alan listens. It tells him about the tale of the green lantern and the green flame of life. Long Long ago in China a meteor had fell out of the sky and broke open. Molten metal pours out of it and a disembodied voice starts to come from it telling people of a warning. ” Three Times I will Flame once to bring death , once to bring life , and lastly to being power a lamp maker approaches the meteor. He takes the molten metal and creates a green miners lamp from it ,but that scares the other members of his village. Fearing he has angered the gods the villagers kill the poor lamp maker then suddenly the men are struck down all dead. The lamp proceeds to bring varying luck to anyone that comes in possession of it. The lamp ended up at a insane asylum where a insane man named billings is brought to sanity by the lamp completing the second act. Now in Alan’s possession it gives Alan power and advises him to create a ring from it. So he does and after hours of grueling work he goes out to find the he thinks is responsible for the train derailing and the death of his friend jimmy Dekker. He rushes over to Dekker’s place and finds him congratulating his goons on blowing the rails up. Alan defeats Dekker’s goons and kills Dekker then vows to be a hero and protect the innocent creating a costume and naming himself the green lantern. Alan Scott has played a big role in the JSA . (Thanks for reading and Plz follow me for more awesome content have a great night) -Comic