I have been thinking and doing some research and I’ve found that technically Deadpool isn’t insane. You see the definition of insanity the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness: . The Big part of my argument is the voices in Deadpool’s head. They are actually just his conscience split in two you see Wade Wilson was put through many experiments. These experiments caused his brain to mutate and advance. Wade’s brain advanced to the point. In which his conscience split into that of a childish nature and a wise nature. Wade can hear these versions of his conscience due to his advanced Brain. Further proof of Wade having an advanced brain is his ability to strategize so amazingly. Wade is able to unknowingly calculate the actions of his attacker or attackers and then act on an ” unpredictable course of actions ” . His mind is so advanced he can sense and change continuity with ease. He can comprehend the idea of being in a source of media for an outside creator.  


The bigger part of my argument is Deadpool has an infinite knowledge of the Marvel universe. How you may ask well due to his understanding of continuity he can alter and access the Marvel universe’s facts and archives. He for that reason isn’t just sane but the most intelligent and powerful member of the Marvel universe. Yet with such great power comes a price his mind is clouded by the ultimate faćade he has put up. It has been steering his life for so long he can’t defeat it. It’s the most amazing mental block the marvel universe has seen. To conclude my theory I will say this Wade Wilson is in fact the greatest Marvel character of all time.