Vibe or Francisco Ramon a Character created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton for DC Comics in 1984 October. His first appearance being Justice League of America Annual # 2. He is also on the hit show The Flash on the CW (played by Carlos Valdes) while also making 3 appearances on the Arrow show. He is better known to appear in the comic mini series Legends. Francisco possesses the ability to produce seismic waves, manipulate vibrations, and is an above average fighter. He also is able to disrupt the speed force and is one of few that pose a real threat to all speedsters alike. 

Francisco Ramon and his two brothers Dante and Armando were playing around and unknowingly Francisco steps into a boom tube created by Darkseid. His brother Armando rushes to pull him out he does succeed in saving Cisco ,but is killed by a parademon in the process. Dante is only able to watch in horror as his brother was murdered. The boom tube mutated Cisco’s body giving him the ability to manulipulate and use seismic waves. He also has the ability to sense presences from other dimension as small a insect. Over the course of five years he keeps his powers secret. Helping people randomly using his powers to erase his face and body from cameras and such. He is later offered the chance to kill the parademon that killed his brother by an agent of A.R.G.U.S. sent by Amanda Waller. He accepts this offer kills the parademon then becomes a founding member of the JLA. He soon finds out Amanda Waller wasn’t even sure if that parademon was the one who killed his Brother. He gets into a fight with Kid Flash that causes him to rethink his life and from then on Vibe is who he is now.

Fun Fact: Vibe was also trained by Batman and is a amazing breakdancer, (Cisco Disco, as he calls it)