I like to start with the bad as you may know my ,first problem with this movie is I don’t completely know when or in what dimension this takes place. I was a little confused on how batman had not come in contact with the man-bat and Dick Grayson is Nightwing. Based on my knowledge batman first faced man-bat/Kurt Langstram a little before he adopted dick. My second Problem is What are the flash and Green arrow doing in Gotham seriously their is no explanation at all. You know what those are my biggest problems surprisingly and now to do the good.

The Good

I loved this movie’s animation style for one I loved it I mean the colors look great , the characters look good with some good detail. It’s creative and different from the normal animation style DC usually does and I like it. Another thing I really liked about this movie they captured every character in a way very true to the comics. The thing that really made this movie really awesome for me was the story it wasn’t bland or stupid but enjoyable I thought it was a fun movie for teens and up. I give this movie 3.75 stars out of 5 – comic