William Hand was created by John Broome and Gil Kane in 1964. He first appeared in Green Lantern Vol.2 # 29 and is a main stay in Green Lanterns rogue gallery. He possesses the ability to drain the life force  from living organisms. He also wields a device that takes the power from green lantern power rings and uses it. He has possessed a black power ring and currently wields a indigo tribe staff.  

  William Hand works at his family’s mortuary , Hand mortuary. He has had a unusual fascination  with dead bodies and death. Even at ages as young as 2 he would call the dead bodies pretty. He seem to have necrophilliac   Urges  toward the dead bodies he works with. Even as far to have had his first kiss with a corpse or so it’s hinted in his origin. His morbid behavior is portrayed as an ongoing problem in his family with William’s mother asking him at one point “why can’t he be a good Christian like his brothers?” As if acknowled he responds “I don’t know”. 

He is at this moment being stalked by atrocitus who wishes to take a mysterious black power from inside him using a cosmic diving rod. He wants this power to get his revenge on the guardians of the universe. Atrocitus is stopped by Hal Jordan and Sinestro who at the moment is still a green lantern. William hand claims the cosmic diving rod as his own and at that moment black hand born. 

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