EP.1 – I was hooked the show sucked me in immediately and the show gave off a scream vibe with a modern touch. MTV impressed me a little by how in a way fateful they were to the series / movies and I take that into seriously consideration. Now I also noticed right off the bat this movie plays on a lot of slasher and teen drama clićhe’s. Whether done on purpose or not it’s still not worth overlooking now there is no true original style due to everything being inspired by something. Nevertheless I still enjoyed the episode and the slow-medium pace the show is going at. I’ll rate this episode 4/5 Ghostface mask 

EP.2 Honestly I enjoyed it the episode kept me interested and I wanted to continue watching and also it followed certain clićhes that the show follows in general. This episode in particular revealed some of the killers motive and gives us a little glimpse into his head. The episode also gave us as the viewer relationships that we can follow adding on to the drama we already had. The episode making jokes about itself and the current situations toward the end. This one is a little more entertaining as the last and I’ll give it 4.5/5 Reproducible Costumes – Comic