Gideon Thawne (formerly Allen) is a AI used by Eobard Thawne in the year 2014-2024 and in the 25th century. She is a major plot device for the show and actually helps Barry find out who Harrison Wells really is. But who really is she? And why does she deserve a comic?mjhoqjg3edc85cgzo1kv

Gideon is a god in the New God’s comics. But in the show they made a major change. She was created by Barry Allen in 2024 as a replacement to Cisco and Caitlin (Not confirmed just a theory). She listens to any command given by Barry, Eobard, or anyone else given access. In 2024 though, before Barry could use her in the field, Thawne took it for his own, but she never forgot who really created her. The-Flash-Eobard-Thawne-Stranded-Gideon

Gideon deserves her own comic because of her abilities, Eobard keeps her in his Lair and in his suit, but if you were too put that tech from the suit in multiple places from through out the city, she could go anywhere, and be their eyes. If we had a scientist work on her too she could probably become a physical person and fight, which would be epic. Not only that, but she knows the future up to the 25th century! She knows everything that happens and why.

I hope you agree with me and tomorrow I will be releasing the the Batman V Superman Breakdown along with The Walking Dead, meanwhile I need sleep, until next time!

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