#5 GREEN LANTERN IN Arkham Origins, The Flash, and Arrow

I want to do this one again because it’s more important than you think…

In the video game by Warner Brothers Studios Batman: Arkham Origins there is a billboard that says Ferris Air. Ferris Air is the fictional plane testing site run by Carol Ferris and her father. Carol Ferris is the ex-girlfriend of Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire. This was a nudge at a shared universe that he exists in The Flash too, Ferris Air in The Flash was shut down due to a pilot going missing (Hal Jordan) and in Arrow we hear a guy on the street talking about Carol going missing… Obviously becoming Star Sapphire.



In the Flash show episode 20, The Trap, Gideon tells Barry he’s the directer of the CCPD CSI division, also a founding member of–, but Barry stops her there, but she was going to say the Justice Leaguejustice league creator I have added subtitles so you know when it’s said.

#3 Jay Garrick is Faster Than You Think

This one most would consider stupid but I consider it very important, and a fail.

Jay Garrick can be heard on Earth-1 talking to Barry in the trailer for season 2. But Jay Garrick is slower than Barry, how did he travel to Earth-1? Superspeed? I think not. Barry has to use almost all his speed to time travel, and Jay is confirmed way slower, also transporting through multiverses is no different, so either Jay is faster than told, or he didn’t arrive by super speed either is a wonder…

#2 SKIP!

#1 Jason Todd Is Dead In Batman V Superman

In the most recent trailer for Batman V Superman, a newspaper Joker wrote says

“You let your family die” Batman immediately looks up already angry. This is one of two things:

Jason Todd’s death or

Joker knows who Batman is and is saying he let his parents die.

JasonTodd Easter Egg

Thanks for reading my list guys and since this is DC I will be doing Marvel next month, since they are way easier to find in Marvel media.

-Speedster Comicsemblem