COMICTB- I personally love Jared Leto as the joker I feel he will take the joker to a place I’ve been hoping for someone to take him. The dark side of D.C. Comics is a place I love to visit oftenly and I’m also a big Joker fan. The thing about Jared Leto as the Joker from what I’ve seen at least, he sent a chill down my spine I mean joker in movies hasn’t ever scared me. I mean yeah Heath Ledger did a amazing performance and was very dark but, he didn’t make me fear him more so I just thought he was cool. I felt he was a great joker and I still do but, he wasn’t scary to me. In conclusion I feel Jared Leto will be a amazing Joker I’m excited for his performance. 

SPEEDSTER- I don’t really know yet, I’m not really feeling anything except he’s terrifying… Like seriously, normally Harley falls in love with him, but in the movie we see him torturing her. I’m not scared by a lot of things and I am, and torture is one thing I am terrified of. But I think he has a lot of potential, and I think he’s going to use it. But I also feel biased because I like Thirty Seconds To Mars (the band Leto is in)

COMICTB- I’m also very biased because I have a horror obsession and a Joker obsession.