Hey guys and gals I uh saw Antman opening night but my schedule calls for me to write this today (not really).  Just to start this out and I’m gonna touch on this a little more in a second I didn’t like how this movie was advertised. I also really think that anyone who hates Hank Pym not being Antman trust me give this movie a chance. Now enjoy and onto the review and as always I’m starting with the bad.



The Bad- The first thing I need to say is this movie has some really bad marketing/Advertising and I say this due to one big thing. They make this movie seem so serious and like a clićhe superhero movie , and who wants that. I mean this movie is not that way at all it is great ,but this really can and will turn people off especially people like me who are sick of that crap. That all I have to say about that now onto my second point and not as important point. This movie kept reminding you that this is part of the marvel cinematic universe and you know it’s like we get it stop it isn’t necessarily only one time is it well timed. 

The Great- The first thing I have to say is I loved this movie I really did I suggest you guys see it with friends. The big reason is and this goes for most newer marvel live action movies they are leaning toward another genre then adding some superhero into there. I mean Antman is this awesome threesome of comedy, superhero, and heist movies all together and I love it. This movie has so many awesome jokes that really make you fall for these characters. The next thing I have to say is Paul Rudd that’s it seriously ……… I’m joking Paul as Scott Lang is glorious I mean I feel that is a close to perfect casting also Michael Douglas beautiful as Hank Pym a great performance. To sum all this up in a few words this movie is great I loved every second of it go see it right now seriously now! 

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