I’m gonna ask you guys something tell me after reading this if you enjoyed it I’ve been holding on tightly to this blog and I enjoy posting for you I want to know do you guys like this or should I bring back origins. Run on sentence anyway enjoy have fun hope you guys check out these comics. 

                                                      Cyborg # 1 

I’m just gonna start with this I enjoy the new look of Victor Stone it really is a throwback to his old design. Now onto the issue I really like the tone of the comic it in my opinion. It really is the cyborg I have come to know and love over the years of old Teen Titans and Justice League comics. I in short liked how this comic isn’t trying to go over the rails of the middle of super serious and greatly comical. I mean this comic stays in the middle most of the time. I suggest you buy it and read it yourself I give it 4/5 

                                                       Starfire # 1 

I first of all don’t like the new look of Starfire I mean Tamaranians are supposed to be these astoundingly beautiful people. Koriand’r especially should be up to the latest fashion of models and she’s a princess I mean she should have the look of pure perfection.  Another big part of her character is the type of ignorance she presents I mean seriously she is ignorant of our customs that is true but she is also Someone who feels all emotions towards people causing some issues that define her personality. I felt the direction they took her in is like the stereotypical White girl ,but coupled with extreme ignorance. I also feel that her comic isn’t for guys I feel like it’s for nerdy girls and guys who aren’t super critical about characters. I wouldn’t read it unless that’s your type of comic I rate it 2.25/5   

                           Powerpuff Girls Supersmash Up 

This mini series I feel is very fun that’s like my biggest point to read it it’s very fun. Reading this series now after having these cartoons be part of my childhood. I love that they live on in my other favorite form of media comics and stay true to the source material. One of the things I love about this is the use of the Toon Multiverse that was already established. I really like how this crosses into other awesome childhood loves and I know I’m being redundant but, seriously. I also feel that as I’ve said the different cartoon characters are true too the cartoons. I feel that this is one the most important things in reviewing a cartoon spinoff are these the same characters in the show and comic and for this that’s a yes. I also have to say that this comic series is a child’s story for younger teens and adults who just love these cartoons. Ending this I’m gonna rate this as 4.75/5 I suggest you buy this series and read it.    

 If you guys want a great place to read comics for free I’d go to Veiwcomic.com and support the creator of the site and tell him I sent ya