I know some of you are probably wondering why I’m doing a story spotlight instead of my so called new segment. I can explain I had some complications and I decided instead of not posting I’m gonna do something else. That’s all yep that’s the complete story from now on I’m gonna write about some awesome story that I believe deserves praise or checking out. Anyway enjoy comment and like then share this with friends. 

  I’m gonna start by telling you why I choose this story. I could say it’s because Frank Miller is one my favorite writers of all time and I’ll love anything he writes. Although that is completely true that’s not the reason I choose this I actually thought this book brought something to batman for me. What I mean by that is even though I had read The Dark Knight Returns it still gave me a batman that truly was the batman. I mean you barely if not at all see Bruce Wayne as Bruce I mean his alter ego was someone who struck fear into not just villains but the general public. This batman really felt like the batman I’ve been wanting to see. Now I also enjoy the character development in this story now batman starts out  treating Robin like a soldier teaching him nothing,but brutality and mercilessness. He then comes to realization after Robin almost kills Green Lantern that he hasn’t trained the boy right. He realizes that he hasn’t been anything but brutal , mean , and a bad role model. He then takes Dick to his parents graves and they mourn together they mourn. I felt while reading this book Miller did something most writers don’t get completely right he created a real joker.  
   Miller wrote the joker as a true beast of insanity and rage and he put that into a few pages he made the joker truly seem insane and ruthless. He wrote him in a way that I felt fear from reading this few pages I felt the joker was truly crazy. That is what sold this book for me and that’s why I believe it’s an amazing story that doesn’t get enough notice.  Check this story out and tell me what you think email me at my work email: Comicinclined@gmail.com oh and you can also contact me for business inquiries obviously   
I have one more point to make on why I like this story even though it’s unfinished kinda. Frank Miller’s insanity that is embodied in batman he is crazy extreme and cool. Only he’s cool in the crazy insane way in the way that embodies the insanity of a great man with such a method to his madness.