The  Bad- Like always I’m gonna start with the bad and honestly this is tough for me. You see I didn’t find a lot wrong with this. The only things I can say I didn’t like are well for one the very ending when superman suggest that they should stop killing. I feel that all that will do for DC is make these character less unique and closer to being copies of their prime earth counter-parts. Now I understand these are different characters with different personalities I mean I haven’t liked superman In long time. Still though I don’t want these characters to lose their awesomeness due to how different they are. Another thing that bugged me a little bit is the ending had a bit of a stereotype that you’ll probably notice. Other then that I really enjoyed this movie and that takes us to the good.   

  The Good- This movie brings so much new ground to Dc animated movies for one this movie is not for kids. I just have to say that now it’s not for kids at all. It’s pretty goretastic censored somewhat but still gory and I loved it. This movie also as mentioned prior is a little dark and there is plenty murder enough to satisfy you sickos out there. Anyway I really liked this movie just for its premise all these heroes are taken In a direction that you don’t see very often. This movie really holds itself up as something different and it is very entertaining I can’t stop saying how much I liked it. I suggest you buy this movie and tell your friends about it it’s very entertaining and I give it a 4.99/5 Nanites