Hey this is the Reveiw for some of my latest grabs from today and yesterday hope you enjoy the reviews. 
                                 Deathstroke Annual # 1

  I really enjoyed this issue to be honest it entertained me all the way through and I definitely think you should buy it. My main points on that are it has lots of great action that grabs you. Another thing is the dialog in this book between Wonder Woman and Deathstroke is very enjoyable and I chuckled at a few lines. One thing that I thought was a little wierd or maybe it’s just me but it seemed like Diana and Slade had a bit of a love connection. I mean more so Slade has a thing for Diana but still some lines in this just seem to imply that heavily. 

                          Marvel Zombies Vs Age of Ultron # 1&2

 I’m gonna start by saying this series is ok I mean it’s not amazing , but I would borrow it from a friend. It’s a good series so far and that’s about it it’s a good series. I’m not really getting that feeling I got when I read Marvel Zombies and the hundred and two sequels. I mean it doesn’t feel as awesome or cool I’m not really grabbed by it. Honestly it not a must read it’s ok not great.                    

                               TMNT# 48  I loved this I really did I have been an TMNT fan since back in the way when. I enjoy this still now I mean it has that feeling of the original and I mean the third reboot kinda thing they did. Anyway um I did enjoy this book and I’m gonna make sure to pick up #49 and 50 as they come out. I suggest you guys buy this and then lend it to a friend. Thanks for reading this check out my other content and reviews. Bye