Bad- Like always I’m gonna start with the bad and the first thing I want to touch on is this movie disappointed me. I mean I didn’t have super high hopes for it ,but I also had faith it would be a good movie. This movie was ok a really low ok wait until dvd to see it. This movie hit that cliché button so many times it broke and that’s not good. In short this movie was ok and really not worth watching in theaters or 3D just by it on demand or DVD. 

 Good- Peter Dinklage was the highlight of this movie for me has was hilarious in my opinion. I enjoyed the fun he brought to the movie. The big thing that saved this movie from being labeled as bad for me was how fun it was in general it’s a great movie for kids and a good family film. I give this movie a weak 2.75 I Would suggest waiting for DVD.  

 I know this post was relatively short , but honestly I just felt this movie could’ve been better. If you enjoy my content follow my email service and the blog and leave a like. -ComicTB