I’m gonna start by saying yes I know I didn’t post last Sunday and the reason why is because I’m now doing a comic spotlight every other Sunday. I’m spacing this out a bit because I have a heavy workload as it is I will be able to get more done if i don’t post practically all week every week. I hope that doesn’t bother you guys and enjoy on the best I never thought of fight to date. This is my comic spotlight on The original Batman vs Predator written by Dave Gibbons. 

 Ok first I have to explain what actually happened in this story and to be I’m gonna only tell you the main details so you’ll be forced to read it. In the start of this story we open at a boxing match between two major mob fighters who I don’t care to name. Now the winner of the fight who I’ll call Jace won the fight and that caused some major tension. Later that night while snuggling with his girlfriend Jace is attack by this unknown force and Is killed. GCPD shows up to investigate and find Jace’s girlfriend traumatized and unable to give any decent details. Based on the rivalry between the two mob families Gordan assumes this is a mob hit. Then Batman shows up in which then he becomes suspicious and goes to investigate a warehouse owned by one of the mob families. He arrives and ruffs up the place taking several boxers and thugs. Fast Forward a bit and everyone in that same warehouse is dead execpt a blind man sitting on a stool. Ok just to get to the point the blind man gets shot by the predator and batman and him end up fighting for the first time time in the predators junk yard hideout Batman gets beaten kinda and retreats and heals at the batcave. And from that point on things heat up and batman try’s to find a way to beat the predator. The reasons I chose this book is one the idea itself is badass and two the writing is glorious. I mean from the well placed predator playbacks to the dialogue between batman and Gordan it’s awesome. I never really thought that these. Characters would blend so well but they do and amazingly at that. To sum this up I feel it’s not a well known story that deserves a read and a buy and I believe this would make an awesome present for any adult comic fans.