Hey before I start I just want everyone to comment after reading this and tell me your favourite secret wars Tiein. I also want to you to recommend a book for my next weekly pull reveiw and my next comic spotlight.  Ok enjoy and like and follow to keep up with me 
                                            Bat-Mite #3  

 This mini-series continues to entertain me I love it I actually just caught up yesterday and today so I could do one and two. Then again I really enjoyed three and want to stay current and also I bought three yesterday so I mean the easiest to remember. Anyway I love the 60’s batman references and the hilarity of Bat-mite calling batman his sidekick. I really suggest you check this out a 4/5 for teens and young adults.
                                                   Spider-island #2 

 This is another secret wars Tiein I’m love so far I really like the idea of monster versions of avengers like hulkzilla. I can’t wait to see how this plays out and in short I just like the serious idea with great moments of comedy. It’s not really a amazing serious but I enjoy it a lot a 3.75/5
                                               Mrs.Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #3 

I love this series it’s very entertaining in my top 5 tie ins for secret wars. It has great comedy and a fun story. I really like Deadpool narrating and Frankenstein being the only one able to hear him when he’s around. I honestly give this a solid 4/5 I suggest you pick it up at your local comic book store.

                                         Battleworld #4  

 I liked the focus on the silver surfer and I enjoyed this more knowing he(616) isn’t really affected by the whole battle world situation. I could be wrong but I watched a interview in which that was mentioned. I enjoyed this final issue of battleworld nothing amazing just good read it or don’t I don’t care. I give it and really the entire mini a 3/5