I’m going to get right into this I loved this movie I mean I really loved this movie. This movie is a trip that never has just the same turns. I really only have good to say about this movie not really anything bad. Yes I know this movie came out in april. I don’t care I just say it and wow I’m astonished I bet you are too no yes maybe ok. Anyway to the point the ending for this movie is (Spoiler!!!!!!!!!) 

  Ava the A.I was actually pretending to love Caleb and tricked him into setting her free. The movie shows that Nate the creator who the movie wanted to be portrayed as the bad guy isnt that. In fact well ok he is kinda he has done bad things and when he’s killed it doesn’t anger you or sadden you. So to keep going Ava locks Caleb in the main camera room leaves and assimilates herself into the world. I feel this ending was the most perfect end a strong twist and bitter wtf ending that knocks cloud atlas down a peg.i suggest that you recommend this movie to s friend assuming you’ve seen it before reading this.