.I am stunned I’m just so happy, sad , and amazed this movie was beautiful. I definitely believe this movie to be the best of 2015 so far. I have lots of good to say and not much bad like at all. I have a spoilers review up too if you rather read that it’s published. I think you’ll enjoy this and I get you to watch this movie yourself.

Bad- It’s really hard because I can’t really find a lot wrong with this movie. It’s like it’s everything I’ve wanTed in a movie in so very long I loved this movie so much I mean so much.  

  The Fantastic- I believe this to be my favourite movie of 2015 so far I mean this was phenomenal. It felt like a chase watching this movie. It felt as if I was hearing a heart beat quiet and quite the boom quit then boom. Then when I believed it was going to be repetitive the beat changed slowly but strongly. It brought me so much joy this was a trip that can only truly bring joy to those who listens do wait. In short this movie is a theater viewing plus dvd buy. I give it 5 out of 5 Sexy Robots