I’ve got a treat for you guys I’m reviewing 6 comics instead of 3 and I’m gonna tell you my top 3 covers of the 6. I think you should stick around and enjoy the post. Oh and don’t forget to support your local comic book shop and pick these up. Like comment and follow😀

                                      Wonder Woman#43  

 Ok so with Wonder Woman in general I’ve always felt didn’t feel quite right in her own solo series. That’s how I feel with this and can I just say it’s doesn’t make me dislike the books but makes them very strange. I also want to add DC has Greek mythology mixed in with Christianity which both have been said and proven to exist. I don’t understand how that completely works but I mean what there to do. Anyway with this book I felt it was ok you know not very memorable it’s just a ok read for when your board. I give a 2.75/5 

                                    Silk #6  

 Starting off I liked this book I feel spoilers are necessary for some points I’m gonna make so look out. First I’m just gonna say this based on the next issues cover which has Cindy in between two worlds during an incursion. I also think I should mention the ending panel showing a piece of Cindy’s world being transported to battleword. I really thought that Silk being angry at Black Cat was understandable but unfair. Felicia saved silk from being cut into and sold for parts and ended up killing the man on accident Cindy wanted to question him because he knew something about her missing family. Cindy shouldn’t have tried to kill Felicia or at the least tried to hurt her. Anyway to wrap this up I give this book a 3/5

                                         Secret wars: Secret Love# 1 

 I this love book with a passion it’s funny well written cute and heart warming. I really hope this at least runs for 5 more issues. My favorite stories were the bug world and misty knight and Danny rand those were cute and fun. I really recommend you pick this up and follow the series I will and I might be doing another issue soon enough. I give this book a 4.5/5 seriously read this book.

                             The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows # 4 

 I enjoyed this issue it made me smile from time to time it’s definitely not my favorite secret wars tie-in. I like the character Annie Parker and the book being from her perspective at times. It’s nothing amazing I’m not in love with it I give it a solid 2.75/5 maybe 3.    

                      Rick and Morty #2  

  I love the show I love the comic I love everything about this series. I really enjoyed this issue I got some laughs out and got my fix of good ol comedy. Rick and Morty the show doesn’t have long enough episodes so this will suffice. I really suggest you check out the show on adult swim and this comic by oni publishing. I give it a strong 4.5/5 

                                            Star Wars #8 

 I’ve been a fan of this book from the start and I’m still thoroughly enjoying it. I love Star Wars and I love the expanded universe that goes on after the movies. I can’t wait for issue 9 and hope everyone tries the series. I really love Star Wars and suggest you read from one and follow the series. This issue had good action it kept me grabbed and I just loved it. I give it a 5/5 I really recommend the entire series so far

My Top 3 covers of my pull




 Something forget to mention was I love the art in this book a lot