Hey guys today I’ve got a series that I really do love and am very excited to read the next volume coming soon. Today I decided to do a spotlight on something a little more current and so deserves a lot more attention. I suggest you support your local comic shop and the creators by buying volume one and support us by liking, commenting and sharing this well enjoy.

I’m gonna give you a quick and I mean very quick summary the the first volume if you rather here a better more complete story then go watch comicstorians a complete story https://youtu.be/jVzljHbP9Rc. Ok here I go so the main character Rori lane comes to Japan to live with her mother due to father issues. On her first day there she meets a cat girl(not a Neko well kinda) named Ayanae. They fight kappas which are pretty much evil ninja turtles based on Chinese mythology( I think 😅). Soon at school meets a guy named Shirai tomohiro a spirit eater. They then together meet a girl who can manipulate emotions and they become a team together to fight the kappas. I’m most definitely leaving out very big details and yes it would be smart to tell a few buuuut no. I’m gonna let you find out by reading it yourself now to why I love it so far.

 The first reason I love this book is I just love Japanese culture and manga. They both are present In this book whether in ideals or by mention and just straight up intergration. This book is a great way to get comic readers into manga and Vice versa. The next reason being its a fun book with nice moments of comedy, sadness , and action. I feel like it’s a trip that nobody ever takes and yet it’s the best one. The final reason is I just passionately like this book and nobody has seen it I really suggest you read it for me and your entertainment. If you do read it tell me what you think and if you don’t tell me if you will. Have a great day and bye.