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 Bad-It’s very meh sometimes you know the story just doesn’t grip me that much. It didn’t grip my little sister and brother. It was a little bland and boring and yes I understand it’s a kids film but still.

 Good- It had pleasant moments of comedy and made smile a little. The film looked good with the voice acting being appealing. I enjoy the Lego games and movies so I’m also a little bias, just kidding. With that I give this movie a 2.99/5 buy or don’t I suggest borrowing it from a friend maybe.

Speedster here, I have to disagree, I loved this movie because of the humor and they got one thing right, they put Green Arrow in it. While all of us (should) know GA is in the League, kids don’t, They’re used to it being Flash, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman Cyborg, Hal Jordan, and Hawkgirl. Also how they portray Batman’s distrust for Superman made me and my father (another comic lover) laugh. I give it a 3.99/5