Hey guys this is ComicTB and I’m really glad to have my friend and editor Speedster comics here. Before anything I’d like to ask for you guys to like,share ,and comment what was your favorite comic to come out this week. Now enjoy support your local comic shop and the creators of these books enjoy. 

                      Aquaman # 43 

 The first I have to say is just how awesome looking the cover is I mean it’s very colorful and and detailed I just love it. Getting into the book I mean honestly it was ok for an aquaman an story I liked it. My only issues with it is first the now and then thing where it would flashback constantly. The other issue I had was the book was a little slow and didn’t have feeling of an aquaman story. I mean aquaman looked like a punk during the flashbacks quite often. With that I give this book a lite 3/5. 

                                     Civil War #3  

 This Series Is bad then it’s good then it’s meh and then the cycle restarts. It feels very predictable at times and then it’s like What!. I mean it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how I feel about this series it really is. I can’t tell whether I like it or hate it because the story is interesting but the writing can turn me off at some points. Lots of characters are written out of character and then just so strangely It doesn’t feel right sometimes and sometimes makes senses. I honestly give this book a 2.75/5 or a 4/5 I’m not sure.

                                   Batgirl #43 

 I’m still in love with this series it’s fun , action packed , and very comedic. I think my favorite part of this issue would be her talking to batwing. I really liked the chemistry they have in this few panels and I don’t mean just in the love interest sense , but really in friends way. They’re just people who go really good together. I really enjoy this issue and hope you pick it up too. I give it a strong 4.5/5 
                                        Sonic Universe #79   

 This book is definitely very weird for me because if I look at it in a judging way I don’t like it but when I just look at it as something to have fun with I love it. Therefore with that it’s simple this book isn’t supposed to have some compelling story or grab you emotionally. Instead just a cute and fun story you read while waiting for you stop on the bus. I give it a strong 3.5/5

                                       Superman #43  

 I’m enjoying the latest run of superman more then any run of superman so far and this is most definitely what I have wanted in a superman story. I’ve never really been the guy to keep up with super that much but that might just change. I like supermans identity being known it’s weird because I don’t know why but yeah I like it. I give this story a strong 4.5/5 I suggest following this series 

                                      Deathstroke #9  

  I love this story it’s action packed intense gripping and my favorite series from DC at the moment. Even though it does hit a few cliches it’s still makes with great writing and awesome story telling. I just love this story I recommend it highly. I’m gonna continue to follow it I give it 4.80/50 if that’s a thing ha