Oh I love it when comic publishers attempt to sell toys by making animated movies. It keeps me in buisness and you guys entertained. In all seriousness this latest themed installment of this series set in a futuristic Gotham. I hope you guys enjoy this review and check out some of my other content. 

Bad- In all honesty the biggest thing for me is this movie was made to sell toys and that in my opinion affects the movie seriously. One great example is when batman is in the digital realm on a robot Trex with a freaking laser turret shooting pterodactyls. That scene felt like a setup for a toy set it and it was extremely ridiculous. That entire scene was just ridiculous and I swear that’s a setup for a toy set.  

 See What I mean here now I’m not saying it’s not entertaining it is but I just couldn’t get that thought out of my head. That being said for kids that isn’t an issue I would assume and therefore I’m not gonna let that hurt my review score too much.

Good- This movie was very entertained for a drawn out toy commercial I really enjoyed it. I honestly wouldn’t mind this being drug on a little bit long maybe another movie to top thing off. I really enjoy these movies and my nephew and little siblings loved it. I also have to say for some reason the movie just looks slightly better then the first one.  

 My favorite scene in this movie that really made me smile would have to be nightwing confronting his inner demons. With that I give this movie a 3.6/5 which isn’t too bad I recommend it when you hit some free time.