Im sure you know by the title ,but today I’m reviewing all great all indie titles. I’m really excited because I want it get other people into indie comics. Open up your minds support you local comic book store , share , like , and enjoy.

                        Dark Corridor #1   

 I Really like this book I’m definitely gonna pick up issue 2. It’s a good crime story with my sense of humor. I don’t have to much to say but it’s good I recommend it for the mature audience. I give it a solid 3.5/5 pick it up and comment what you thought of it.

                                John Flood # 1

This my type of crazy oh yeah this is definitely my type of crazy I love this story. The title character John flood is amazingly written. I also just have to say this cover is amazing I just love it. Its a strange book about a man who can’t sleep that solves crimes. The funny thing is he hallucinates constantly always at the bridge between dream and reality.I give this book a strong 4/5 check it out.

               Shadow vol2 #2 

 I’ve been reading the Shadow for a long time now and I love it. This character this book the concept I can’t stop and I won’t. This book doesn’t get enough credit more comic book readers should check this out. It is more of a popular indie book ,but still doesn’t get the big pick ups. I give it a 4/5