Welcome to my new segment for Monday’s surprise are excited no well you will be. King of the series is when I or one of my partners put the very first movie in a series vesus the latest in the series. I base who’s best off of 3 categories that pertain to them series. This does include remakes but it doesn’t include spin offs. The very first in the series will be well you read the title. Enjoy , share, and comment what you think.


Superman should be a icon someone people can look up he should be good at everything , charming and show very little fear. His reason for helping people should to help people if that make sense. First up is Superman “73”. Superman is definitely driven by the need to help people. He is very charming, but didn’t seem to have a true reason to become Superman. In fact it was as if completely random like he just one day decided to stop ignoring the sounds of people crying for help. I also felt like Superman didn’t represent what he’s supposed to represent. He didn’t seem to really inspire people. That brings me to Man of Steel Superman held up what he was supposed to represent a lot better. In my opinion he still didn’t seem to inspire people a whole lot ,more then Superman “73” but not really that much. Man of Steel Superman did show little fear at all times and had more purpose and a better more drawn out reason to want to help people and be superman. I have to give this round to MAN OF STEEL.


Starting with Man of Steel on this one and he still feels like superman. In all honesty he still felt like Superman and Clark were the same guy. Simple as that I can’t really say much more now going to Superman “73”. I felt Clark was very close to his comic counterpart which is exactly what I want. He’s shy timid and clumsy. He is the stereotypical white American of the 50’s a true boyscout. This wasn’t a hard decision at all. This round goes to Superman “73” easy as that.


I’m gonna start with saying both movies tell the origin of superman in a fairly similar way. The big difference between the 2 is one is more intense and fleshed out. The other is very badly paced and barely impactful. Man of Steel would be the more fleshed out one it has lots of foreshadowing and effects the future of the movie greatly. Man of steel is a lot more fleshed and impactful and fits better into the movie. I give this round  to MAN OF STEEL.

 Man Of Steel is the winner 2-1 and the very first King Of The Series. I’d like to say that this is my opinion and of course some people might disagree. If you don’t agree with me then I encourage you to tell me what you think. If you have any suggestions on the next K.O.T.S tell me through email or the comments.