Hey guys welcome to my latest weekly pull Reveiw. I’m doing all DC comics because I’ve covered a lot of Marvel’s Secret Wars. So with that hope you all enjoy support local comic shop and like , share and comment. 

                        SW: Road to Force Awakens # 1  This didn’t get off on a bad start it’s pretty good. One weird thing with me is I feel the need to watch the last two movies. I don’t completely know why but hey that’s a good thing in its own way. I’m definitely gonna try to keep up with this but I won’t be too worried if I miss an issue. I honestly think this movie is a good 3.7/5.

Batman v2 #44 

 I just have to say I love the art in this book I really do. I also love that Snyder is revisiting the original batman and I enjoyed it a lot. The story is pretty straight forward for me it was very predictable. That isn’t super bad , but still I’m gonna take off a point for that. I will say this though this story still was very entertaining and I recommend it as a boredom killer. 

Scooby Doo, Where Are You ? # 61 

 I’m just going to say it didn’t catch that awesome feeling I get from reading looney toons or previous issues. I felt this issue was lacking and felt it was a little lazy which hurts this greatly. I don’t have the most to say about this issue. I think I’ll pass this one to my younger brother who’ll most likely enjoy this. I give this a kind 2.9/5