Hey guys check out my September-December update that went out yesterday. I also want to state that this is my opinion this of course isn’t the definitive answer. I encourage you to watch these movies again or for the first time. Share, Like , and Enjoy.  Category One: Portrayal of The X-Men As A Team/Family                                                                                          First of all let me set the standards in my opinion of the X-Men. They are a family,a unit one of the greatest teams in the marvel universe. They work together flawlessly helping and risking their lives for each other. I’m gonna start with X-Men by saying I did see teamwork in this. I did feel as if they were very close even though this movie is a movie meant to establish them. I got the feeling though that this movie didn’t capture that X-Men feel as a team but more as individual characters. It wasn’t a strong team but more of a strong group of superpowered individuals. That takes me to X-Men D.F.P I felt the teamwork in this movie was phenomenal. Especially during future fight scenes the X-Men were fluid and flawlessly at each other’s aid. This movie actually all the way through had a strong family and team element. That being said I really must give this one to X-Men D.F.P

CATEGORY TWO: Classic X-Men Nostalgia                                                                                                               I bet you are wondering what I am talking about well I’ll put it simply did the movie capture that good old X-men vibe. I’m gonna start with X-men D.F.P and say no it didn’t like at all. This movie was way too serious for that. I mean way to serious to the point it’s amazing characters I fell in love with died twice in front of me. It didn’t capture the fun and cutesy element X-Men had all those years ago. On the other hand X-Men definitely caught that several times when rewatching this movie I had a rush of nostalgia run right through. Especially with the famous line from storm what happens to a toad when it’s hit with lightning same as everything else. It was a blast literally hearing that line. I must give this round to X-Men.  

 Category Three: Climax.                                                                                                                                            In my opinion every X-Men movie has to have a amazingly intense and heart warming climax. It’s as simple as that for me and this time I start with X-Men. I feel that the climax for this movie was great had plenty action and has a heart warming aftermath. Although with all that it served it up weakly with little intensity. Speaking of which lets go to X-Men D.F.P the ending to this movie the climax wow. This movie ends with a bang. Spoiling you with a very intense few scenes I mean really intense. I was gripping the edge of my seat watching this over. It messed with my emotions giving me everything I never knew I wanted. And more. I must announce that the winner for this king of the series is X-Men Days Of Futures Past.

I really do have to say this wasn’t a hard decision at all. X-Men Days of Futures Past was an amazing movie and blew X-Men out of the water. Which Is kinda messed up to say. Anyway I hope you enjoyed I put lots of work into this one and the last one so please do share this.