Hey guys this is my review of my latest comic book heap. I’m excited to say real quick that this October I will be doing a majority of scary books. In fact I’ll be doing a entire horror series review by issue or issues every Thursday starting on the first Thursday of October. Now enjoy the post support me by sharing this and liking this also support your local comic shop.

Grimm Fairy Tales: Van Helsing Vs Dracula 

Im honestly not sure exactly how I feel about this book. I now I’m going to get the second issue because it’s not a bad book. I did notice though that it hit a few clichés for example the undead boyfriend thing with the he can whisk me away at anytime. It’s just so uhhhh it’s so dumb but I could swallow it down. It was only in short doses so it didn’t kill the book. I feel this book deserves a good ole 3.8 stakes out of 5
Giant Size Little Marvel: Avengers vs X-Men  

 I love this book still I really do it’s hilarious. I do have to say though that this book is very clogged with characters and just in general. It has too much going on I mean seriously this definitely expanded the character rooster but in the wrong way. I do have to say my favorite part in this issue is the set up for the next issue at the very end. I’ll let you read the issue and find out what it is I do have to give this book 4 little marvel teams out of 5. 

 Bizarro # 4   

 I first have to say I’m really sick of the art of this book I really did. It looks really bad so to speak in my opinion. I do enjoy this book though it’s very funny and features awesome characters. I really do enjoy this book and I can’t wait for the next issue. I give this book a 3 bizarro out of 5.