Hey guys hope your ready for a brand new King of the series. I do know that your probably wondering why I’m doing two animated movies. (Do to the fact dc hasn’t made as many live action movies based on characters other then batman and superman) It’s because I wanted to do something alittle different this time. I never said I’d only be doing live action movies. I also want say that I hope you enjoy the post like,share, and buy these movies they’re both great movies.  

 CATEGORY ONE: TEAMWORK                                                                                                                                                I’ve always felt teamwork has been very important in anything related to all superhero teams. The thing about the justice league though is how that teamwork is displayed. The team must be light hearted argumentative. They have to seem so different it’s not right and yet they work so well together it’s amazing. They need to be what everyone should be able to be not in sync but in harmony. I’m gonna start with JL First Frontier I feel that the team wasn’t even that developed at first then I thought about it and they work in the way I feel they definitely should. They are so different but so perfect they come together to fight and do it amazingly. I now want to move onto to JL Throne of Atlantis it’s very clear from the beginning they are a more developed team. They work well while also being very argumentative and different in short I feel that through time we have always understood what the Justice League really is. They’re proof anyone can work together and make a difference and for that this round is a TIE

 CATEGORY TWO: HEROISM                                                                                     I even think this is the most obvious category for anything superhero related. The real twist here for the Justice league is everyone is ready to put themselves on the line ready to die at any moment. It’s just that simple and with that starts me at JL Throne of Atlantis. Everyone is putting themselves in harms way taking a bad beating. Everyone being stabbed and cut up. The entire time they show no remorse at all. That is heroism and everyone in the movie present that. I feel that but slightly stronger with JL frontier I mean the team is being beat down too. They’re all putting themselves on the bridge of death to help each other. So again I name another round a Tie. 

  CATEGORY THREE: CLOSENESS TO SOURCE MATERIAL                                                                                                                                 This one is kinda funny because in my opinion both are incredibly close to the source material in their respective times. They both capture the characters’ personalities very well. I feel it’s not truly fair to judge them on this but it’s not right to not base my judgement on the source material. I feel they both are equal in this . I now day finally that my final judgem is they both TIE. I hope you enjoyed and have a nice day or night.