Hey guys I’m very excited for this one because I’m covering two movies that I hold dear to my heart. Since I was young I have loved the character spiderman I feel he is a very important part of me and my childhood. I really hope you guys enjoy this post please it does a whole lot to share this and leave like I’d appreciate it a lot I want to be able to bring you guys some amazing content. Now let’s get into this post and see who is the real KING OF THE SERIES.

CATEGORY ONE: Representation of Peter Parker and Spiderman.                                                                                     I know that this category contains two subjects the reason being is I feel these two things go hand in hand and I feel the next two categories are more important as separate categories. I feel that Peter Parker needs to be shy and nerdy and so awkward it hurts. While Spiderman needs to be clever and funny while also very charming. The first one up for this one is The Amazing Spiderman 2 I feel Andrew Garfield is an amazing Spiderman. He is very funny he makes great jokes and capture the essence of Spiderman. I do though feel that he isn’t a very good Peter Parker. He’s just simply put way too charming he isn’t that awkward he’s kinda your run of the mill 2015 hottie of the week. I really like him he’s a great actor just not right for Peter Parker. Now that brings me to Spiderman 2002’s Tobey Maguire. He isn’t as clever as Spiderman he doesn’t have that flare it’s somewhat there but it’s not as good. I feel though that he is the perfect Parker he is the best getting it right down to the mannerisms. I’m going to be straight here this is a tie each actor has his strengths each movie has its weaknesses with that yeah it’s a TIE.    

  SCATEGORY TWO: MOTIVATION                                                                                                                                               This one is a easy one for me it really is I’m just going to start by saying Amazing Spiderman 2 Peter is motivated by Gwen. I feel he was in this to help people , but Gwen is a stronger driving force for him in this movie. My proof for this is he state he will leave New York and go to London to be with Gwen instead of staying in New York where super villains are popping up left and right. While Tobey Maguire Spiderman is really there to help people he’s in love with Mary Jane yeah , but he really feels helping people is the most important thing. I feel with that I have to give this one to SPIDERMAN.  

 CATEGORY THREE: HUMANITY                                                                                                                                                                                                  I feel that one very big thing about Spiderman is he is still a very human superhero. He shows his weakness often he isn’t invincible. This category is very important because of that and I’m basing my judgement off of which movie shows Spider-Man’s humanity best and in the most intense moment. I’m gonna start with Spiderman on this one I feel the ending is that moment of humanity. Peter is fighting the goblin almost dead fighting to stay alive. I feel he doesn’t want to kill goblin or die he’s angry but has his humanity. I now move onto The Amazing Spiderman 2 Gwen Stacey’s final moments are the most intense moments in any Spiderman movie. Peter after she dies he’s crying and hurt he looks vulnerable and human. He is dying on the inside he is hurt and crying he feels that he has failed the person he loved and the man he promised to keep her safe by leaving her alone after this is said the winner here isTHE AMAZING SPIDERMAN. I also feel for this intensity the amazing Spiderman wins the entire match. The King of this series AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2.