(Spoilers Obviously)Movie Event Outline: Qui-Gon-Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi are called by the Galactic Trade Federation for negotiations. They’re ship is blown up and they realize it was all a trap. They fight they’re way onto a ship in which they end up on a battle blown Naboo. Qui-Gon-Jinn saves a Gungam Jar-Jar Binks who takes him and Obi-Wan to the underwater colonies of his race. The Emperor of the Gungams lets them take Jar-Jar Binks and they end up on Tatooine where they find a very young Anakin Skywalker. Qui-Gon senses Anakin is the chosen one. Anakin enters a race and wins against all odds to get the parts they need to fix their ship and his freedom. Anakin is taken to the Jedi temple to be judged by the council. Master Yoda senses fear within him and doesn’t want him to be trained. Princess Amadala goes back to Naboo and acquires the help of the Gungams. They all attack the main palace and Darth Maul appears to stop them. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan both take on Darth Maul while the other continue on. It’s a intense fight going on and Anakin is piloting a attack ship. Anakin manages to accidentally take out the droid control station in space. Which disables all the droids attacking Naboo and the Gungams. In the mist of this Darth Maul has killed Qui-Gon-Jinn and Kenobi is hanging onto to his life literally. Kenobi then gathers the power of the force and defeats Maul cutting him in two. The story ends with a large peace celebration between The Gundams and Princess Amadala’s people. 

 The Bad- I always start with the bad it’s just what I do and I have 4 Major problems with this movie. My biggest problem with this movie is the constant points toward Chancellor Palpatine as the Emperor. We as fans don’t need such an obvious thing to be anymore obvious. It’s irritating honestly I can’t stand the constant pointing and foreshadowing and signs. My second problem with this movie is the CGI or puppetry for the Galactic Trade Federation Ambassadors. They look so stupid it is really distracting and took me out of the movie several times. My third problem with this movie is the mystery of Anakins age I’m sorry to be nit picky but seriously how old is he during this movie. It’s very strange to try and follow the story without thinking wait isn’t this kid like 7. The Final problem with this movie is how undeveloped our so called phantom menace is. I get it he’s supposed to be uknown and mysterious , Darth maul is my favorite Star Wars Villian. That isn’t because of this movie but novels and the clone wars animated series. When Darth maul is defeated it isn’t very satisfying at all its underwhelming that really hurts this movie. 

 The Good- In all the bad there is so much good that I promise. I feel this movie is redeemed for me for one reason mainly. Through all the crazy and badness of the movie it still is very entertaining. I easily got submerged into this universe. The action was thrilling and this movie brought back great memories. It has this way of bringing joy to you. It’s a good movie if you just let it entertain you and not many movies can do that. With that said I give this movie 5/6 sequels I recommend this movie .