First of all I didn’t do a post on Friday because I had to finish up some scheduling. Now that that is out of the way I want to applaud JJ Abrams. Why you might ask well the reason is he let Daniel Fleetwood see an unfinished cut of Star Wars VII. Who is Daniel Fleetwood another question u may have well he is a die hard fan of Star Wars with a lung disease that will likely die before the movie’s release. He has lived past expectancy and his dying wish was to see The Force Awakens before he dies. JJ Abrams decided to let him see it early so he could have that final wish granted. I think Abrams is a great guy and I just wanted to talk about this today. I also ask that you acknowledge the fact that he died 6 days ago as of  11/16/15 may the force be with him. Love you please share and like bye