Movie Recap(Spoilers obviously): 10 years have passed since the phantom menace and the movie starts with padme’s ship being blown up by the bounty hunter Zam Wessell. Later she is again attacked by Zam who is working with Jango Fett another more experienced bounty hunter the first of the clones on Kamino. Obi-Wan and Anakin chase down Zam Wessell and when she is caught she almost reveals who she is working with that being Jango who kills her before she can finish her sentence. Obi-wan takes the poison dart Jango used to kill Zam to his old friend dexter who informs him that the tech came from Kamino. Obi-Wan travels to Kamino where he finds an unotherized request for a clone army has been made. He ends up fighting Jango Fett and chasing him through an asteroid field in the space above Genosis. Following Jango to the planet he is then captured by seperatist. Going on at the same time as this Padme and Anakin are on Tatooine and they find out Anakin’s mother has been kidnapped by Tusken Raiders. Anakin goes out to fine his mother and once he gets to her she ends up dying in his arms which causes him to slaughter all the raiders in the village men, women , and children. Obi-Wan sends a distress signal and the Jedi order acquire their new Jedi army in which they attack the seperatist full force. Darth Tyrannus fights Obi-Wan and Anakin they both loose to him and Anakin looses his arm. Yoda comes to the rescue and fights Tyrannus until he escapes to Palpatine the future Emperor. The movie ends with Anakin and Padme getting married and the official start of the clone wars.  

 Bad- Aaaaa my favorite part of reviewing movies talking about everything that makes them bad just kidding. I first just have to say Anakin is very creepy in this movie like he comes off obsessed and like a stalker. Tying in to that Hayden Christensen’s performance I’m sorry was really bad he was very dry in this film I’m disappointed in his performance. Another thing is it is really hard for me to think that this whiny ,annoying , immature guy will become darth Vader and if you want to count the Clone wars animated series as cannon then I really can even imagine him as he is in that series. That is my biggest problem with this film this very very important character isn’t well portrayed or really written.  

 Good- This movie is very exciting I’ll give it that for sure I mean Jango Fett is very cool and the lightsaber fights look great. I also like the performance given by mcgregor who plays Obi-Wan Kenobi. I must say this film does also look great in general I actually like how it looked animated at certain points at the end. I also like how this movie grabs attention well and it’s a it hard to get bored while watching it. This movie is a good step forward after phantom menace. More or less that is I give this movie a 76/100 Please share , like and comment.