My initial thought when reading the first issue of this book was pain plays a huge role in this perticular story. This book follows ex-superhero now private investigator Jessica Jones. This is not an avengers book or a superhero book at all in fact. This book instead is in my opinion a statement on comic books on the steryotypical view of comic books today. Alias was written under Marvels’s Max line which was stories for adults and older audiences. This book isn’t like anything Marvel has published not even to this day it’s more meta than any story and it’s the most pessimistic and realistic. The meaning of pessimistic in my case here is how the book conveys the world of Jessica Jones. It shows the dark , sad , and disgustingly accurate view of a  world with meta-humans. This story is very well written and it earns its adult rating , but more importantly it requires lots of deep thinking. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy it without deep thinking I’m saying to enjoy it at its full potential.  I’m not really spoiling anything because I want people to read this book I highly encourage it. I also must say the covers for these booked are a collectors dream the art is very well done thanks Michael Gaydos. That’s my review of Jessica Jones and I’m gonna give a littLe sneak of my upcoming theory post. Here it is Spider-Man is the most mentally tortured and strong character in the Marvel universe. That’s all I’m giving up up ok like , comment , and share.