Quick Movie Synopsis: 3 years after the events of Attack of the clones with Anakin and Obi-Wan in the middle of a heated space battle going to rescue the Chancellor. They get there just barely and go to get the Chancellor. Darth Tyrannus knocks out Obi-Wan and fights Anakin while this is happening the Chancellor is pushing Anakin to kill Tyrannus. Anakin kills Tyrannus then he rescues Obi-Wan and the Chancellor. The Jedi Counsel is enlisting Anankins help to spy on the Chancellor who is expected to be the Dark Sith Lord. Anakin refuses and goes to speak with the Chancellor he is soon to find out the Chancellor is evil Lord Sidious. Fast forwarding Mace Windu is killed by the soon to be Emperor and order 66 is initiated. Most of the Jedi are killed by clone troopers who were trained to turn on them and Anakin who went to the Jedi Temple. Anakin kills youngling Jedi and then goes to mustafar to kill the rest of the separatist. Obi-Wan defeats Anakin in a sad fight between friends and yoda has to retreat from a fight with Darth Sidious.  Padme has the twin Luke and Leia then dies for an unknown reason. Anakin is restored to health by the Emperor  as the newly improved Darth Vader. 

 Bad- I don’t know how this can possibly match up with the clone wars within is canon. Anakin  isn’t a very steady character and he’s not very well written. His fight with Obi-Wan is extremely anti-climatic and it doesn’t do that great a job. I also feel that the only part that was supposed to be sad that was sad was the showing of order 66. 

Good- this being the end to the prequels was very good to wrap things up. There’s no jar jar in this one and the light saver fights are fenomenal. Event thought this is a very bad movie it’s still pretty enter gaining and the better of the prequels. I don’t necessarily reccomend this movie but it’s a nice watch among friends after all this I give it a 3.7/5.