I am so happy to be reviewing the newest installment in this epic series I have taken a while to come up with this post. The reasoning for this is I had to see the movie twice and then let everything sink in. The first time I enjoyed this movie so much and I really didn’t feel taking notess was a good idea. I wanted a solid impression  of this film and taking notes would be distracted me. I then noted my first impression then I saw the movie a second time and took notes and reference points. I’m really excited to share my thoughts with you finally. I also am doing a non-spoiler review because I want people to see this movie and have a spoiler free experience if requested though I will do a spoilers review. 

 Bad- I only have one problem with this movie and it’s a big one it may be the worst thing that a Star Wars movie has done. It has comitted the crime of keeping me waiting for the next movie. I love this movie so so much and I’ll talk about that more in….. 

 Good no wait the amazing- In this section oh seems I’ve continued from the bad section well no big deal at all. I only have good things to say about this movie. I was so worried about the possibility of this being the phantom menace all over again but it wasn’t. This movie pulled off the very close to impossible it lived up to the expectation and hype that all the fans have set for this film if not exceeds it. This movie had many things that are reminiscent of the original trilogy and the actors have such an amazing chemistry. The comedy in this movie is so fluid and natural that it works in a movie like this that is pretty serious. I was holding on to my seat during the action I jumped up and cheered whenever the millennium  falcon was on the screen. I hada nostalgia overdose watching this movie and I want to shake JJ Abrams’ hand.  I am so very excited for episode 8 like a child waiting for Christmas as my girlfriend likes to say. I’d appreciate it if you shared and liked I also want to hear from you guys what did u think of the movie.