OK people i gotta be honest i needed some time away and now that I’m back it feels so very good. Now I’ll get into that more another time the important matter on hand here is Civil war. I truly think this movie exceeded all of my expectations first thing I must say right off the bat. My first impression of this movie summed up is wow just wow. I’m gonna first warn of *[SPOILERS]* from this point on. I am gonna break this review into 5-parts Characters,Action,Plot,Marvelisms, and finally The Best Scene in the movie.


None of the characters in this movie was used too little or too much and honestly this is a Captain America movie. The movie features Captain America, Iron-Man, War Machine, Falcon, Black Panther, Black Widow,Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, The Vision, Bucky Barnes, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, and Sharon Carter. This amazing cast of heroes all have their own moments and show awesome character development. The greatest displays of character development  I must say are the growth in Captain America and Iron-Man. First Steve Rogers who has changed a lot since First Avenger. He’s seen war and violence again and again never losing that true warrior spirit and yet he has become a stronger leader and his beliefs are expressed more often with him. He follows his principles and doesn’t fighting for the right with this relatable feel that me as a comic lover felt reading the books. I can’t lie though Tony Stark grew even more than Steve. Tony went from being an uncaring , alcoholic ,  egotistical bastard to someone who reflects his action and feels guilt and then wants to redeem himself. He isn’t only trying to subside his guilt but also do right for everyone he has wronged. He actually truly lives up to the title philanthropist.


Using what I just said as a nice Segway here with Tony seeking to right his wrongs he becomes as he was in the comics the poster boy for the Sokovia Accords. Stating the Avengers essentially belong to the government. Tony is on board with this 100 percent while Steve not so much. Steve believes that the Avengers should operate under no one and his words “The Safest hands are our own”. This causes the Avengers to be split between Pro Accords or Against Accords. While this is going on and tension is building Baron Zeemo is unraveling his plot to put the Avengers against each other as revenge. ON top of all of this Bucky is being hunted by The Black Panther who believes him to be the one who bombed the united nations during the Accords signing and killed his father. All this going on Bucky and Steve are trying to stop Baron Zeemo.Except they think he is trying to awaken an elite death squad turned into brainwashed rogue killers with enhanced strength and durability.


This movie has the best action in a superhero movie point-blank period. Every action scene in this movie is amazingly choreographed and grabbing. It’s intense and it’s amazing to see how everyone’s powers have evolved a big example being Scarlet Witch. Who’s literally the most powerful character to be exhibited so far in the MCU. IN short the action is absolutely incredible.


The scene that I’m referring to in the title is the expected airport clash. In this scene the opposing forces all together and gathered fight it out. Spider-Man get an extra special mention for a particular reference to Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. Ant-Man amazes the audience with a awesome little trick and by little I mean huge. He grows into Giant-Man and as soon as he does this the tables are turned in Cap’s favor a lot until Spider-Man treats Scott Lang like an AT-AT Walker and ties his legs up then He’s knocked down. While on the ground Scott politely asks if anyone has any orange slices.


We all know that there was a end credits scene two to be exact. They sadly weren’t what I expected though. I thought they’d be on Doctor Strange , Ant-Man And The Wasp. They acually were on Spider-Man and Black Panther. In the Black Panther scene Bucky choses to be frozen in a Wakandan research lab to get unbrain-washed and Steve thanks T’Challa who is certain no one will get him. The other Spider-Man shows Peter with a new spider watch and the end of it states he will return.