This is what I call Comic Storm. It’s pretty much my weekly pull with a cooler name. I almost forgot I’m gonna make my partners talk about their picks from time to time. I really can’t wait to start so why not stop procrastinating. 


My first pick is Bloodshot Reborn because I’ve loved this series forever now. This particular issue was very interesting. It’s kicking off a little event Bloodshot Island. I’m not gonna spoil but this was definitely not captivating. That’s not me saying it wasn’t a good issue though I enjoyed it a lot. The action wasn’t massive but there’s still a nice amount plus the comedy sprinkled in is pleasant. I’d recommend this most definitely.


Marvel has had honestly everyone’s attention for awhile. Ever since the Captain America “hail hydra” and of course Civil War II. I feel a certain way about Civil War II but I’ll cover that later. This particular  spin-off is really interesting cause it reminds me of Battleworld from Secret Wars. My favourite thing about this was the not forced light comedy in it. The best cases being the Night Thrasher segment and the Damage Control Segment. I felt this was a nice long read. I recommend it for those looking for a nice laugh and boredom killer. 


I gotta say this final pick was just a great read. This book is charming and I honestly enjoyed this most out of the 10 books I got this week. The art style is amazingly fitting. The humor is perfect and I had a smile on my face all the way through. The book is actually a pretty good length not too long or too short. The pair up of Gambit and Deadpool works weirdly well. I recommend this highly it’s a must read.

 Oh and ghostbusters review Monday so log on this was ComiQ of Comicinclined give a like and comment your favourite comic of this week.