This movie was overall just average. It was obviously made for merchandising. My problems with it and the things I liked are right about equal. This was in short your average summer action comedy film.

The worst thing about this movie was the constant nodding to the past. I mean we get that this is a reboot but still. This movie didn’t do enough of its own. The similarities took me out of the movie time and time again because I was just irritated by the unoriginality. What I will say is there was actually somewhat an imbalance though. The movie sometimes wanted to do its own thing. That I liked but they just give me enough of that in particular. I also must say I was really annoyed by the three white scientist and one black average person style line being African American I found it unnecessary.


This movie had really cool new gear. The movie also didn’t try to shove feminism down the audience’s throat like most thought it would. I truly believe the cast had fun making this movie just for the fun of it unlike Sony those money grubbing bastards. The movie at times was actually funny and I enjoyed those moments. 


This movie was just your normal summer lackluster. I liked some things I disliked some things. I honestly give it a meh score of 5/10. Watch if you want I guess I’m ComiQ of Comicinclined and throw a like and comment how you felt about he movie.