Hello my fearful beauties, ready or not here comes the terror creeping up you spine 
The Worst Family Reunion
Rachel felt tears collecting in her eyes as she went through all of her dad’s old stuff. She started going through her dad’s photo albums and then she stopped and froze. She was staring at this one picture, of just her dad and some guy. She heard her mom coming so she took the photo out of the album. “Sweetie, I know this is hard but you can’t just sit here in this house forever” her mother said as soon as she saw her daughter on her knees next to her father’s things. “Mom, the police said that he was murdered. That it wasn’t a suicide, I need to know.” The air in the room went stiff, all you could hear was the sound of the news talking about the killings that have been happening around town. “Honey, believe me, I want to know, I want to know just as much as you do.” Her mother finally said to fill the silence. “But we have to leave that to the police. They will find the killer.” Rachel stood up so suddenly that it made her mother jump. “How does that old saying go again?” Her mother looked at her with confusion and curiosity in her eyes. Rachel opened her mouth after another minute of silence, “Oh yeah, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.” She said and walked past her mother without even looking at her and yelled “, don’t wait up for me!” Rachel slammed the door shut and ran down the street to the bus stop out of her mother’s sight. She looks at the folded photo and unfolds it. She can not see the picture of her father and stranger once more and then she drops it as she freezes, from the firm squeeze on her shoulder. She looks up and sees her best friend Nick and her heart is back to normal and she can breath again. “Woah, didn’t mean to scary you.” He sat down next to her and she said nothing. He finally filled the silence with “I’m sorry about y-y-your dad, he was a good man he didn’t deserve to go out like that.” She leaned on his shoulder without looking at him and she said “I know, I-I just wish I knew who killed him.” He was about to put his arm around her, when she noticed there was writing on the back of the picture. She lifted her head and grabbed the photo from off the ground and read the note “find him, he knows.” Nick read the note as well and said “knows what, and who?” Rachel grabbed his hand and started running to his house “Where are we going?” He yelled as she opened his front door. They went to his room and she sat him down in his chair next to his desk. He looked at her stunned by her sudden outburst. “This man knows what happened to my father. I need you to find out where he is.” She said with a spec of happiness in her eyes. “Rachel you know that you are my best friend and I would do anything for you-” she interrupted him by saying. “IF YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND YOU WOULD HAVE HIS ADDRESS BY NOW.” Nick jumped back a little by another one of her outbursts. “Rachel I’m just trying to tell you that it’s possible-” “I don’t want to hear what you have to say if it’s not going to help me find who killed my dad.” Nick know that he wouldn’t win this battle, so he started searching for the mystery man in the photo. Hours passed, Rachel was still in his room not looking over his shoulder but instead, looking through his things. While searching through his things she found a pocket notebook. “Rachel, I found him” Rachel quickly put the notebook in her pocket and walked over the his computer on the other side of the room. “Well, what did you find?” She said in the most business like tone that she could. He grabbed a pen and sticky notes “all you need is this” he wrote down the only address on the computer. Pealed off the sticky note and then turned to Rachel and said “You should wait until the morning to go.” Rachel moved the blinds to see that it was pitch black outside and nodded in agreement. She felt her phone vibrating and jumped a little. She took her phone out and saw that the contacts name was “Uncle Glenn”. She looked at her phone wondering when that was put in there and who is Uncle Glenn. She pressed ignore and then Nick said “who was that?” She said “nobody important” “okay, well are you going to crash here or am I walking you home?” “I’m just going to sleep here” she said climbing into nick’s bed. “Well, I guess I’m sleep on the couch downstairs then.” She nodded her head “unless you want to pick me up and cover me back up on the couch downstairs.” With that Nick walked out of his room and downstairs to the couch. “I’ll take that as a no!” Rachel yelled to him. Rachel looked at her phone one last time before going to sleep and then she saw texts from Uncle Glenn. They read “Why did you answer I’m your favorite uncle?” “I’m nobody important!!” “You obviously forgotten all of the fun we had when you were younger.” Her pulse quickened and her eyes widened, she wanted to throw her phone across the room but her curiosity consumed that thought. “Now I have your attention, you know who I am, you know what I did, you know where I am.” “Come get me, my little angel.” Will she fall for her Uncle Glenn’s trap? Does Nick come with her? What does Uncle Glenn have in stored?
Well that’s it for now my wonderful thrill seekers stay full of fear, curiosity, and fright