10. Kid Flash

Ok everyone, big deal on this one, Wally West is confirmed to be the Kid Flash in the Flash season 3, we also have another speedster to talk about, but more on him later

9. Tom Felton as Julian Dorn

That’s right folks, Draco Malfoy is coming to the CWverse as Julian Dorn, a CSI scientist who suspects there is more to Barry Allen than just his helping hands and his wish to solve crimes.

8. Black Speedster?

Along with the Kid Flash as a new speedster we also get a look at this guy, who in a way if you look closely he looks as if someone crossed Johnny Quick with Zoom and then mixed a little Daniel West Reverse Flash for the symbol, the question is, who the hell is this guy? And is he good or bad, we also compared the heights of the two actors and the newest speedster (the actor in the black suit) could just so happen to be Julian Dorn, aka Mr. Thomas Felton’s newest character.

7. Iris/Barry

Many people don’t like Iris, or romance at all, but you can’t deny that there is a chance that Barry and Iris will sprout something once more after the whole Flashpoint crisis.

6. New Faces

We can all admit we want to see more known metahumans on the show, especially more known ones like Mirror Master, where the hell has he been, it’s been two seasons mate, 46 episodes and no sign of him, sorry what?

5. Gorilla Grodd and Gorilla City

The last time we saw Grodd he approached Gorilla City, and since the producers of the show have confirmed at least one episode with Grodd in it per season (can’t do more because CGI costs would be extremely over budget) you can bet we will be seeing Gorilla City more complete, rather than just an overlook of it.

4. Jay Garrick

With the finale of the Flash season 2, we were revealed the real Jay Garrick, who was played by John Wesley Shipp, and if they are going to kill Barry’s dad just to show Jay Garrick for twenty minutes at most, you can be certain that they will bring him back, what is the point of killing one character to bring another played by the same actor for ONE EPISODE, remember the episode where Barry goes back to the Pied Piper scene? While yes they were the same character they were still played by the same one and only, Grant Gustin.

2. Zoom as the Black Flash

Need I say more?


The CW did something risky for the finale of the Flash season two, Barry goes back in time, saving his mother, and if anyone reading this has read the comics or seen the animated film, you know he loses his powers and meets Thomas Wayne, while I doubt they will bring any Batman onto the Flash, they are obviously doing their own version of Flashpoint, the question is, when do the Kid Flash and mysterious speedster appear? According to what producers have said, Kid Flash could even be the season premiere, but the other speedster is unknown.
That’s it for today folks, see you next time, I’m SpeedsterComics, and have a great day