Pitch Play is a fun new Biweekly segment in which me ComiQ or one of my partners Pitch an absurd movie based on one specific challenge or request. We will format it by giving a plot summary,Ending and of course a Cast. We Comicinclined hope you enjoy this new segment now I’m  going to pitch a Plastic Man movie. READY SET PITCH!!!

-Plastic Man played by Jim Carrey

-Batman played by Ben Affleck

-Plastic Pug Voiced by Will Ferrell 

-Aqualad played by  Donald Glover


Plastic-Man has been living in Australia for 4 years vacationing. He is relaxing on the beach with his English speaking pug named Plastic Pug when suddenly he sees someone walking onto the shore. It’s Aqualad who seems to be very angry. He tells Plastic-Man he needs his help to Capture Black Manta. Plastic-Man decides to stop relaxing for once and be a hero again. Plastic-Man spends the movie searching for Black manta underwater only to find out Aqualad was lying to play a prank on Plastic-Man for a good laugh. Plastic-Man returns home only to be ambushed by The Dark Knight. Batman knocks Plastic-Man out and brings him to the Batcave. Batman tells Plastic-Man that he needed a babysitter for his nephew Louis. Plastic-Man must now take care of a baby or be beaten up by the Batman.


The movie ends with Plastic-Man saving the baby from the joker and Batman give Plastic-Man a reluctant high five.

!* All pitches aren’t planned and are intended to be absolutely ridiculous if you enjoyed throw a like and comment any ideas you have*!