Hello my thrill seekers last time we left Rachel she was trying to find out who killed her father. She got a lead with the help of her best friend Nick, but at the end of her search for the lead she got some text from a contact Uncle Glenn. Let’s find out how she deals this it. 
Worst Reunion Ever Pt. 2
Rachel sat there, fear running down her spine, rage boiling under her skin, and then she hears the sound of Nick snoring. She throw the covers off of her, grabbed the address on Nick’s desk, and slowly opened the window. She was just about to climb out when Nick’s little sister Sam walked in. Rachel thought that she would be caught for sure Sam would tell anyone anything for a cookie. Sam just stood there and Rachel didn’t move. After 15 minutes of this Sam climbed into Nick’s bed and that’s when Rachel realized that Sam was sleep walking. With a breath of relief, Rachel climbing out the window on the branch of an old oak tree. From there she jumped to the ground. She ran to the bus stop she was at earlier. She didn’t wait long before a bus came, she gave the bus driver her bus pass and showed her the address. Once she was done she when to the back of the bus. There wasn’t really anyone on only two drunk boys, two girls who ever smoking, and another girl who looks to be taking the walk of shame. She heard her phone go off and jumped a little. Uncle Glenn know else, “I see you are already on your way well I wouldn’t want anything happening to you. So when that drunk guy in the black and the high girl in the red come over, just ignore them, and wait for them to get into a fight. Then get off because it will be your stop.” She stares at the floor confused for ten minutes until the drunk guy in black comes over, “hhheey preetty lllady, why arree youu on thhee bussssss ssssoo llllatee?” Rachel did as Uncle Glenn said even though it would kill her to listen to him, again. “Ohhh, ssssoo youu thhink youu arree tooo gooood tooo talllk tooo meee, whhateeveer.” She sat there for 20 minutes until the high girl in the red came over, “hey babe, don’t worry about those jerks over there.” She said as she wave them away, and then took out a knife. She flings the blade open and Rachel’s eyes go wide. Rachel feels her phone vibrate and checks it as the girl with the knife examines the blade. Uncle Glenn hopefully with a way out, “okay she has a knife, stay calm and play along soon enough the drunk guy will get mad and stop it.” “Sweetheart, what do you need your phone for?” She said as she took the phone from Rachel’s hands, “when you have me.” The girl started to lean in and Rachel shifted her eyes to look at the drunk guy who was talking to her. She saw that he was on the verge of snapping and that he need a little push. Rachel closed her eyes and thought “it’s just to stay alive and to find your father’s killer.” Rachel leaned in fast and when the lips touched she deepened the kiss, Rachel grabbed her hair. The whole time that Rachel was doing this the girl was sliding the blade of the knife across Rachel’s skin. After a minute Rachel slowly opened her left eye a little bit to see if the drunk guy snapped yet. He was walking over and she tried to back away, but the girl pushed the knife against her skin begging to brake through. The guy grabbed the girl’s shoulders and said “shhhee’sss minneee” the girl looked at him and wiped her lip. “Now did she kiss you like that?” The guy push the girl into the wall and the bus stopped. Rachel hopped off and just before the bus left, blood exploded everywhere. She jumped from the surprise and then the girl said “it was all for you my love,” as she pressed her bloody hands on the window. Rachel stood there not being able to move, what she saw just kept playing in her head over and over. “Excuse me young lady, you are okay you look like you been here all night.” Rachel turned around suddenly and made the old lady back up a little bit. “I’m sorry ma’am, I just had a long night.” “Honey, you have bags heavier than a pickup truck under your eyes. Why don’t you come inside and take a rest, eat and I’ll send you on your way?” “I would love that thank you.” Rachel said with a smile and followed the old lady into the house behind them. The old lady lead Rachel to a room on the main floor just off to the right, Rachel was standing in the door way when she fell in, no she was pushed in. The old lady slammed the door shut and locked it from the outside. She banged on the door, and then she phone rang, it was a call “HELP HELP SOME OLD LADY HAS ME TRAPPED IN A ROOM PLEASE HELP!!!” “Do worry I’m here I will help you,” Uncle Glenn said. Rachel dropped then phone and it shattered on the floor. The room started spinning and black spots were everywhere, and then silence. 
Will Uncle Glenn come? What does the old lady have to do with this? Will the girl with the knife come back? What does Nick do when he finds out that Rachel is gone? What happened to Rachel with Uncle Glenn? 
Well my wonderful weirdos with the taste for fear, I will let you know what happens next time. Until then stay amazing my terrible frights.