I’m so very happy to bring you this review. This review will definitely contain spoilers that I promise. I got to see this movies in theaters. That alone makes me happy because the movie was only shown twice in one day in select theaters. I present to you the greatest Batman film to ever touch cinema.


I never start on the good with these movie reviews. I honestly had a hard time finding bad in this movie so I actually choose to talk about the audience. The fans and audience my fellow nerds are the worst part of this movie. The unnecessary controversy about the Batgirl and Batman sex scene, yes, sex scene and just their romance in general is ridiculous. I found that the entire first thirty minutes of the movie that surprised me and shocked me did it in an amazing way. I’m gonna use this as a Segway into the good.


I have so much to say I don’t even know where to start. I’ll just first cover the amazing first thirty minutes of this movie. This movie primarily puts the focus on Batgirl. It specifically covers her feelings for Batman and her life dealing with a man who pushed her to her limits. This all contains Batman and Batgirl having sex, Batgirl almost killing a man, and finally Batgirl retiring from crime fighting. This on its own was enough for me. I honestly would pay for all of that alone, but wait, there’s more. This movie then shifts to the perspective of Batman primarily. This movie is so artistically accurate and beautifully in sync with the original graphic novel lots of the imagery pulled straight from the graphic novel. I loved seeing all of the book come to life in front of me with bits and pieces added for smooth sailing. This movie by the end also does nothing but reinforce  my belief  of Joker’s true origin being the one presented in this story. I could watch this repeatedly and always enjoy it. The praise I have for this movie is honestly infinite. My final conclusion on this cinematic masterpiece is it truly is the best Batman film to ever cross my eyes. This was ComiQ of comicinclined and please do leave a like and comment what you thought of Batman:The Killing Joke.

Ok so um, hello everyone, I’m the editor here, SpeedsterComics, and I just watched the movie myself and I got my own bad section and good section, the worst part for me is definitely the ending, if any of you have read the original graphic novel (which you should have already done), you know the end, the actual Killing Joke, which made it into the movie, but you also know how right after they both laugh, Batman snaps Joker’s neck, or at least that’s VERY likely (Joker’s laugh stops as soon as the giant crack sounds), that doesn’t make it into the movie, one specific person I talked to about the movie (hint hint, the person who made the original post, ComiQ) said it was possibly to make it less obvious the Joker is killed, but that’s all I have to say is bad.
The good stuff, literally everything else, this movie was amazing, couldn’t have asked for more.